Tuckahoe District Supervisor Pat O'Bannon Condemns Racist Flyers

Henrico, VA—Tuckahoe District Supervisor Pat O’Bannon stated the following as a response to the KKK and their flyers that were distributed throughout the county last night:

“Earlier today, many Henrico residents awoke to find hateful literature strewn across their neighborhoods and homes. I want to unequivocally state that hate has absolutely no home here in Henrico. We are a sprawling, successful county in part because of the magnificent diversity that we foster. People from all walks of life are always welcomed here, and we must all rise together against this vile rhetoric. I firmly stand with the rest of our Board Members and County Leaders as we combat this hatred. I urge any residents that know of anything about the group that distributed these flyers, to please call Henrico County Police at (804) 501-5331.”